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Tintagel Christmas 2002

Tintagel Christmas 2002



(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the world
Many creatures were stirring, their feathers unfurled;
Costumes were dusted and carefully laid out
In the hopes they'd be needed - as if there was doubt.

Carriers were polished - oh what an array!
A cooper, a carriage and a white-dove drawn sleigh.
Ships of the desert and fish of the sea;
Which way will I travel - what mode's best for me?

Whilst packing my hamper (what do I bring?),
I hear in the night a Troon Carol Choir Sing.
They're soon joined by drummers who make such a clatter,
And some featherless parrots - Lord, now what's the matter?

What of the weather? Should I pack some black wellies?
(I wonder whilst there if I'll find me some rellies?)
But the Sun from the South has travelled ahead,
So I know I'll be warm, and I know I'll be fed.

The time's drawing nearer, I really must hurry;
If I'm not where I should be my driver will worry.
So it's on with my glad rags and into the night,
All the time hoping my ride is in sight.

Now, Traveller! now, Rajah! now, Bonnie and Hey!
On, Sheba! on, Rex! on, the doves and their sleigh!
To the midst of the Wood, to the door of the Hall!
Now fly away! swim away! sail away all!

The journey, like twilight, was quick as a wink;
(But still on the way there was time for a drink).
The strangest of things I saw as I flew,
A sleigh full of wine (and some Beaujolais too.)

Just when I'd thought it was all but a dream,
Clouds parted revealing a lake made of cream.
All of the visions that had danced in my head,
Could not have prepared me for what lay ahead.

A feast lay before me, like nothing I'd seen,
The wood was alive (why is that pond green?)
Morsels and treats from all over the earth,
Time will but tell what it does to my girth.

All eyes were a' twinkle, all faces were merry,
(Where are those people who are coming by ferry?)
There was singing and dancing and tales of the past,
My wish is the spirit of that day will last.

As I leant by a tree and sipped on my wine,
I watched all those present laugh, chat and dine.
It seemed there was nothing on all of the earth,
Could prevent us all meeting and sharing our mirth.

The day too soon over, we said our goodbyes,
Making promises for next year with mist laden eyes.
With a click of our heels and a nod of our heads,
We were back whence we came (are the kids still in bed?)

As I walked up the stairs (with a twenty glass head)
I thought of the revellers and all that they'd said,
Their thoughts will stay with me, though they're out of sight -
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!