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Tintagel Christmas 2002

Cornwall Connected

On Radio Cornwall.

Virtual party

Photo by Chris Blount

This Sunday as always there wes plenty in the programme.

Listen to a recording of Sundays show on BBC Radio Cornwall and here next week show on the BBC Cornwall website between 3pm and 6pm GMT on Sunday.

Last Sunday Chris Blount, had  "Canoryon Troon", a group who sing only traditional Cornish carols. He interviewed Dave Oates a member of the Cornish List  in what was a very interesting item.  He also broadcast an interview  with Yvonne Bowers about how the list was started up.

 You can also hear a report on the bit of the party that actually went virtual. When John Coles, Howard Curnow, Sandra and George Pritchard met up with Yvonne at the Old Malsters Inn, in Tintagel on Wednesday. In the picture are standing Yvonne and Howard, sitting Sandra, George and John.

 So get connected and find out what happens  Click here  and go to the Radio Cornwall Site. 

Find out more about this week's show by Clicking   here 

And dont forget you can e-mail Chris about anything you feel will be on interest to people with Cornish Connections anytime not just this week.                            email

During the three hour show Chris also plays dedications so why not ask him to play a record for someone you met at the party.