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Tintagel Christmas 2002

Tintagel Christmas 2002


Janet on the Fortnum and Mason's hamper (a.k.a. Baroness Goon) - making
executive decisions but not doing much knitting

Joan in Colorado (Vicountess Instigator)

Kathleen - with baleen needles

Lynne using bamboo needles 

Emily (Lady Plum Duff) - rum ball parachutes

Janice - crochet only

Karen in Abbotsford (Dame Purler) PPS - (periphery protection system) to shield us from interlopers - 3 miles completed so far using ski poles as needles

Gail (Baroness Puck) - using feather twisted yard - I.C. parrots' diving suits


Lady Jan Mackey - jumpers for sheep, head gear and horse blankets

Connie in Utah - knitting warm clothing for intrepid party goers                

Anne in California - chain mail (so the dropped stitches don't show)

Ann Tumser - cross stitch of Celtic Lord's Prayer and other decorations

Violet (Viscountess Vivandiere) - available for knitting or crochet tasks

Kathleen - using magic hair of the giant snowshoe rabbits of the Upper

Peninsula of Michigan to transform to defense systems, bras, panties and diving suits as well as warm socks of any size--- or color-- as the wearer wishes.

Judy (the little witch) - tapestries and cross stitch

Suppliers of yarn to the royal entourage

Julie the Camborne Girl - sheeps' wool
Lady Susan from San Diego (Baroness Glucose) - Samoyed fur Violet- rock wool (a.k.a. mineral wool)