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Tintagel Christmas 2002

Tintagel Christmas 2002

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A Collection of Bonnets

The Balmaidens photograph was taken on the occasion of a visit by journalists to the Dolcoath mine in the 1890's. the man in the white coat is the mine manager Mr Thomas.



Cornish Crowdyor.jpg (15829 bytes)   Cornish Pybyor.jpg (16693 bytes)

Click on picture to see larger version,

photo's John Cole (JC)

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Yvonne's Photo's



Virtual pictures of the virtual party.

Photo's donated by John White


1. par arth.jpg (13577 bytes)  2.par mer.jpg (11888 bytes)  3.par queing to get in.jpg (18389 bytes)

                 Arthur & Lancelot                      Merlin                              Queuing to get in

4.  Par rush to the bar.jpg (17531 bytes)  5. par the band.jpg (16912 bytes)  6.  boxom wenches.jpg (15664 bytes)

                    Rush to the Bar                      Part of the Band                        Two of the Girls

7. par wenches.jpg (16302 bytes)

         The dance is underway


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The Masks of John White, Troon, Cornwall. 

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tintagel6.jpg (34953 bytes)  6 tintagel5.jpg (38739 bytes)  7  tintagel4.jpg (40186 bytes)  8  tin village.jpg (38576 bytes)   

Views of castle and Village

1&8 GeorgeP,  2-7 Gloria Davis. Gloria and her son Alex are in Photo No 2 Her hubby took the Picture.

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5 church3.jpg (72098 bytes)  6 church2.jpg (63594 bytes)  7 church1.jpg (53625 bytes)

Views of the Church

Photos from 1936 Church Guide

abbey kitchen.jpg (20002 bytes)  glastonbury Abbey.jpg (15240 bytes)  glas abbey 2.jpg (13631 bytes)  Gravesite-supposed- King Arthur & Guinevere.jpg (591793 bytes)

Photo's of  Glastonbury supposed  Burial Place of Arther. by Hilary Scott

penlee quarrymen.jpg (63228 bytes)

Over 100 Quarrymen from the Penlee Quarry, Newlyn near Penzance. were called upon to help rebuild the castle for the party

Well I can't get the stonemasons but here are over a hundred quarrymen to get the stone. The photograph  was loaned to the Cornishmen by George Hoare of Penzance. Mr Hoare also put names to the faces and believes the picture was taken prior to the 1914 -18 war. 

One ? denotes missing first name.  Two ?? donates name not known. 

Back Row L to R:- J Maddern, E Woolcock, C Lavers, Bill Bone, W Billington, T Corlin, Thomas (manager Nancledra), ? Wearne, ? Tripp, ? Bennetts, J Jelbert, W. H. Tonkin, J Reynolds, P. W. Harvey, Thomas S. Mildren, J Kilskey

Second Row L. to R:- R Richards, F. Rowe, A. Richardson, W. Trehair, T Williams, ?? F Carter, B. Sleeman, ??, J Caddy, C. Thomas, P. Curruthers, P Payne, F. Payne, F Sampson, ? Trehair, J Harvey, J. Hitchins. 

Third Row L to R:- J. Thomas (Bap.), Bill Squires, A Stone, A Cloke, ? Potter, ? Sancom, R Wearne, F Dunn, ??, A Wearne, ??, E McClary, L Cloke, E Stone, T Barber, ??, ??, ??, ? Bell, A Lewis, T.W.Lewis. 

Forth Row L to R:- S Cotton, J Johns, W White, Dai Owen, R Williams, Dick warren, C Harvey, C Gendall, J Bodinnar, R Stone, ? Sleeman, E Barnicoat, ??, W Richards, C Payne, W Payne. 

Fifth Row L to R:- George Thomas, Albert Gendall, J Llewllyn, C Prowse, J Reynolds, A Jenkin, W H Gendall, P Gendall, J Daniel, W Pascoe, J Eddy, Jim Bone, T Floyd, Tom Pearce, J Sampson, J Perr, William Williams. 

Sixth Row. L to R. J Rogers, G Glasson, Jack Mathews, ? Bartle, ? Rowe, F Jelbert, Willie Hitchens, R Gendall, J Rowe, M Jordon, R Maddern, George Green, F Maddern, J Jenkin, T Maddern, ??, T Trenoweth, J Sexton. 

Front Row L to R. C Pearce, W Squires, Bert Gendall, C Weeks, B Triggs, W Maddern, R Pollard, Bill Tresidder, W. H. Richards, Dick Berryman.



                                          Medieval Wall Painting Breage Church  

Photo by GP


Artwork by JC  

Oops, after re-building King Arthur's Castle, our Masons have moved and
rebuilt King Arthur's Castle Hotel on top of the Island. We're sure that our
party-goers will be wonderfully comfortable, but what will English Heritage
say when they find that we had to level of the top of the island (and grind
up all those boring old archeaological remains) to get a firm foundation?

Arthur Quiz

A Cornish Christmas

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